Lunch & Learn

As business partners to the healthcare industry, our goal is to help you succeed in this ever-changing and often difficult environment. Our 2017 Healthcare Academy Luncheon Collaboration is brought to you as an investment in your success! These educational workshops are designed to assist practice managers in staying informed and engaged on current issues they are dealing with.  

Each FREE workshop is approximately two hours long and is eligible for Continuing Education Credits! Please register by noon the business day before the actual event. Space is limited at each event. As such, please limit attendance to the Practice Manager and up to two key staff members. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Haley Winfrey at or 913.234.6471.

All sessions will be held at 7301 College Blvd., Suite 120 in Classroom 101 (Baker University). Lunch Served at 11:30 AM CT, Presentation Begins at 11:45 AM.

Lunch & Learn | May 4th
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Value-Based Health Care in the KC Market
Chris Ford, VP of Sales, TRUSS

Significant opportunities are continuing to evolve in our market for health care organizations ready to position themselves as value-based leaders.  Chris will highlight examples of initiatives and programs currently being developed with key stakeholders in our market, and talk about ways your organization can begin taking steps to position itself for the future.

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Lunch & Learn | September 7th
Baker University

Why We Spend So Much on Healthcare, and What Can Be Done About It
Mike Williams, RHU, MHP, HIA, Vice President Small Business, UnitedHealthcare

In this presentation, Mike will help us understand how we got to this point, trends, and the use of technology to engage employees.

Lunch & Learn | October 5th
Baker University

MIPS Update – Closing 2017 Strong and Positioning for 2018
Tracy Bird, Medical Practice Advisors

The 2017 performance year is moving into the 4th quarter, and the 2018 performance year is just 3 months from beginning. This session will outline any new updates from CMS, and cover issues required to keep your group positioned for success in this rapidly evolving value-based environment.

Lunch & Learn | November 2nd
Baker University

Interoperability Does Not Equal Automation
Kathryn Ayers Wickenhauser, Regulatory Compliance Advisor, Datafile Technologies

The session will take the audience on a journey through interoperability, examining what it means to healthcare organizations, providers and ultimately the patient. Kathryn will help you make sense of what this means to you and the key four areas where you should focus your attention, as it relates to directing your organization towards adopting interoperable processes.   Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand that regardless of technology, people drive healthcare and information exchange.
  2. Discover ways to involve all of the key stakeholders of health data, in the model of healthcare delivery.
  3. Declutter your thinking to focus on the top four areas of interoperability that will bring the most benefit for your organization and your patients.